Friday, March 28, 2014

Mystery Then and Now Book Club: Cover of snow and Constant Suicides

Mysterious Friends,
Our Mystery Then and Now Book Club is growing. We meet every over month to discuss two mysteries with a common theme one classic or set in an earlier time and one contemporary.

The books for May 9,2014 are THE COVER OF SNOW (2013) by Jenny Milchman and CASE OF THE CONSTANT SUICIDES by John Dickson Carr (c1941).

In COVER OF SNOW the wife of a New York State policeman discovers her husband dead in their house, an apparent suicide. She decides she wants the truth about his death no matter consequences and goes to extraordinary lengths to discover it and other secrets of her small town.

Jenny's book has been nominated for a Mary Higgins Clark award whose winner will be announced at the Edgar Award Banquet in April 30.

Carr's book CASE OF THE CONSTANT SUICIDES features not one but two locked room murders in a mystery set in Shira Castle in Scotland. It features Dr. Gideon Fell The Great Detective who takes on the case of an apparent suicide of Old Angus Campbell. His heirs can not inherit if the death is ruled a suicide.

From the introduction to Carr's book by Tom and Enid Schantz: The best of them (Carr's Mysteries)play fair with the reader and provide enough clues that the reader can figure out how the murderer penetrated that sealed chamber almost before the Great Detective unmasks killer and method...For more than 40 years John Dickson Carr found dozens of ways for murderers to pull off the impossible.

Please RSVP for our May 9,meeting at the store in Oxford.

If you have read the books and would like to contribute to the discussion, please add your thoughts below.

Welcome to the discussion.

Kathy Harig, owner Mystery Loves Company Booksellers - Oxford.


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Roger Pace said...

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